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Here you will be able to read the questions that most of our users has. If you haven’t found the answer here, you can always contact us via email (check it on the top), and Agota will be glad to answer all your questions.
How many times I can use it?
Even though theorically you could use it as many time as you want, we suggest you don’t use it more than once per day.
Can I do it for my friends?
Of course. If you know their ID, just put it there instead of yours.
Does my phone need to be rooted?
No, none of our hacks needs phone to be rooted. In fact, you don’t even need to have the game open when you running the hack. It works directly with the server.
Can I get banned for using your cheat?
If you don’t abuse it and never use more than once per day, you will NEVER get banned. That’s our promise to you.
I tried, but it doesn't work
Usually the problem is with incorrect user name provided. Please, make sure it’s correct, and if it is, contact us via email. We will solve your problem.
Can I do it on the computer?
Anywhere, where you can access internet, you can do it. There’s no software to be installed and no root required.